Flight Information

The information above can help determine if your flight is on time to arrive or depart Piedmont Triad International Airport. Please contact your airline for the most accurate information, especially during inclement weather. Because flight status can change quickly, PTI is not responsible for the accuracy of the information.

Flight Cancellations

Sorry you are dealing with this! Here are your best steps.

Talk to an agent

First, find your airline’s counter and get in line to speak with an agent. You might also want to call the airline while you wait. Most airlines will rebook you on the next flight available to your destination at no additional cost. However, finding seats on a new flight may prove difficult.

Ask for a refund

If the airline cancels your flight or it is “significantly delayed” (defined case-by-case) and you must change your travel plans, the Department of Transportation requires airlines to provide a full refund. Most airlines will instead offer a voucher – but be wary of vouchers since they often come with limitations such as blackout and expiration dates. Note that refunds cover the total cost of airfare only (no other trip expenses).

Review your airline’s cancellation policy

Visit the Flight Cancellation information on your airline’s website for their specific policies and passenger rights, as well as how to apply for a refund.

If you believe you are entitled to a refund and the airline denies it, you can file a complaint with the DOT.

What To Do If Your Flight is Delayed

If your flight is delayed, airlines are not legally obligated to give you a refund unless the DOT determines the delay to be “significant.” Here is what you can do:

Research other flights

Find your airline’s other flights to your destination and ask an agent if they can get you on one (without change fees). Also investigate what’s available on other airlines. If your original airline doesn’t have any flights available on your departure date, an agent may be able to book you on a flight with a different carrier at no additional cost to you. Note that airlines are not legally required to do this.

Inquire about other compensation

If you’ve been stranded at the airport for several hours, check in with an agent – regardless of whether you’re able to get on another flight. Some airlines may provide amenities such as vouchers for meals or overnight accommodations.